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Complaint Form

The Complaint Mechanism of the Cayos Cochinos Foundation offers anyone who feels negatively affected by a project or activity supported by the Cayos Cochinos Foundation the opportunity to file a complaint and receive a response.

Through this mechanism, individuals can:

  1. Be heard and treated with respect.

  2. Receive a response.

  3. Be informed about the complaint process and the approximate response time.

  4. Maintain confidentiality if desired.

  5. Submit their complaint in their preferred language and receive a response in the same language.

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To file a complaint, please complete the following form and submit it to the project officer or the responsible field technician.
You can also send it via email to the following address:, or scan/take a photo of the completed form and send it to the following number via WhatsApp: +(504) 9515-2137.

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Download Forms in English or Spanish:

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