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Meet our Team

Who we are!


Sara Morales


Fundraiser for the operational needs of the Cayos Cochinos Foundation, review and approval of community projects, research projects, identification of potential partners for conducting research in Cayos Cochinos.


Marcio Aronne

Director of Conservation

Leads the natural resources, community development, and environmental education programs. Expert in hawksbill turtle nesting monitoring and coordinates the functions of the conservation department at the Cayos Cochinos Foundation.


Paola Gómez

Investigation and Monitoring Coordinator

Conducts monitoring of fisheries, reefs, turtle nesting, and secures funding from international donors for research projects promoting responsible fishing.

Dowrina Estrada

Project Manager

Carries out technical and administrative oversight of all Foundation projects, ensuring that both the technical and financial implementation of each project is executed in a timely manner.


Rony Vaquedano

Community Development and Environmental Education Technician

Implements the community development program using funds generated from tourism, identifying needs within the communities that make up the Monument. Additionally, oversees the strengthening of the Community Base Commission and the governance structure of Cayos Cochinos.

Walter Alcerro

Field Manager

Coordinates the logistics of activities carried out in Cayos Cochinos: preparing boats, providing meals for staff and volunteers, and maintaining control of the tourist registry for those entering Cayos Cochinos.

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