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World Ocean's Day at Cayos Cochinos, Honduras | A week of celebration | Fundación Cayos Cochinos

Updated: Aug 7, 2023

Happy World Ocean Day!

We celebrate our beloved and beautiful ocean on June 8th. The purpose of this day is to remind the world about the importance of oceans for life, as they are the lungs of our planet, housing incredible marine life.

Additionally, on this day, the goal is to raise awareness globally about the consequences of human activity concerning ocean conservation.

It was a week full of celebrations and activities with our community in Cayos Cochinos. The inauguration of The Chachahuate Kindergarten was one of the many activities our community participated.

Lets not forget about the Cuisine Workshop these talented ladies received from the IHT (Instituto Hondureño de Turismo) chef.

They also learned how to serve and style the restaurant's dishes.

During the registration day in the communities of Chachahuate and East End, the staff from DIGEPESCA conducted a talk on good fishing practices for both men and women from both communities.

The CORAL staff arrived at the cays on Monday, June 5th, reaching the Chachahuate community to deliver the results to La Bendicion Restaurant. The certification was awarded to them on June 8th, World Oceans Day.

We meant it when we said we celebrated to the fullest!

The Garífuna dance performance showcased the rich cultural heritage and rhythmic movements that World Ocean's Day deserves!

So... how did you celebrate this special Ocean date?

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