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Wheels of Change: Zaki Magoa's Heartfelt Bicycle Donation | Fundación Cayos Cochinos | Honduras

On December 6th, we had the visit of Zaki Magoa, who, through his organization "Bicis Solidarias para Honduras" and in collaboration with Fundación Cayos Cochinos, made possible the donation of 26 bicycles for young students at the Rafael Leonardo Callejas Institute. Additionally, a nurse from the health sector and fishermen from the "Delfines del Caribe" organization benefited from this initiative. All recipients were individuals who used to walk long distances to attend their educational or work centers.

In this commendable act of solidarity, eyeglasses, clothing, and sports balls were also provided to children in the community and at the El Camino school. During the donation event, Zaki the magician not only presented an entertaining show but also made a valuable social contribution to the community of Rio Esteban, Balfate, in the department of Colón.

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