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Training with Ingrid Rivera at Honduras Coral Reef Fund (Fundación Cayos Cochinos)

In a valuable day of growth and development, the team at Cayos Cochinos Foundation had the privilege of receiving training from Ingrid Rivera, a respected coach and psychologist from Argentina. The session was designed to enhance collaboration and improve the working dynamic between team members and the foundation's employees. The planned activities promoted effective communication, problem-solving, and the strengthening of group cohesion.

Ingrid Rivera, recognized for her expertise in organizational psychology, provided valuable tools to foster a healthy and productive work environment. Through interactive dynamics and reflective exercises, key topics such as stress management, effective leadership, and the importance of teamwork were addressed.

The impact of this training was immediately evident in the foundation's office. Participants expressed a greater sense of camaraderie and a deeper understanding of their individual roles within the team context. Additionally, innovative ideas and creative solutions were generated for the specific challenges faced by the foundation in its mission to support local communities.

This training, enriched by Ingrid Rivera's experience and knowledge, not only strengthened the bonds among team members but also reinforced Cayos Cochinos Foundation's commitment to creating a positive and sustainable impact in the communities it serves.

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