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Honduran Biologist Day | Fundación Cayos Cochinos | Honduras | Día del Biólogo Hondureño

On November 6th, we celebrate Honduran Biologist Day, a tribute to those dedicated to preserving our natural world. At Fundación Cayos Cochinos, four passionate marine biologists (Marcio, Paola, Felix, and Fernanda) lead the charge in researching and safeguarding the delicate ecosystems of Cayos Cochinos.

Their work, focused on corals, sea life, and beyond, goes above and beyond to uncover the secrets of the ocean. Through their unwavering commitment, these marine guardians are shaping the future of marine conservation, not just for Honduras, but for the world.

Join us in saluting these extraordinary individuals on Honduran Biologist Day, and let's together work towards a thriving future for our oceans.

Happy Honduran Biologist Day!

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