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The Cayos Cochinos Archipelago Natural Marine Monument is a key component of the Mesoamerican Reef System in the Honduran Caribbean, with abundant natural beauty and cultural richness that represents a legacy for sustainable development of present and future generations of the local communities and influence zones.

It's a model site for community participation in decision-making processes based on solid scientific knowledge, as well as locals' experience, with a high level of commitment to the implementation of research and management actions within the area, with a highly committed tourism sector, supported by the government, national and international cooperation, and universities for the implementation of conservation, sustainable tourism, artisanal fisheries, education, and scientific knowledge activities.


"Achieve environmental sustainability and

human development in Cayos Cochinos and surrounding areas"



  • Community participation and commitment in decision-making processes and resource management within the area.

  • Community empowerment with regards to rights to access to fisheries resources.

  • Communities' adaptation and management actions against the effects of climate change.

  • Integration of the different interests and institutional, civil society, and entrepreneurial efforts and international cooperation towards sustainable development.

  • Establishing guidelines and orientation for the application of best practices for fishing and tourism so opportunities come up to improve the coast and islands' population socioeconomic situation.

  • Monitoring and development of scientific knowledge, as well as the integration of local knowledge and experience.

  • The achievement of a self-sustained financial, technical, and material management system.


Conservation Objectives

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